Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New York livin'

Music: Go Outside by Cults

Ok, so I know I'm the worst. A post after last Christmas and I've gone missing. 6 months later and here I am again. I had the most splendid time in the US, braving the knee-deep snow or new cities all by myself, making new friends and eating lots of potatoes - fried, mashed, however served. I wouldn't say that the most part of my exchange semester was fun; it wasn't, but the time I had out of the very boring university town was second to none.

Towards the end of my otherwise hugely solo trip, I was joined by the momma and my photo/videographer/sister/fellow scout for a 5 day adventure in the Big Apple, which I've compiled into the length of one of my favourite songs.

If anyone notices the misshapen blog layout... this is what I call work in progress. I'm in the midst of relearning HTML coding and I've been very determined to personalize something for myself from the earliest scratch, so it'll only get better from here!

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