Saturday, September 13, 2014

Samcheong-dong, Seoul

I know I've always been saying "my favourite is...", but I've really got to say it here: my Seoul favourite was definitely, unquestionably, Samcheong-dong. Perhaps it was the beautiful day and the azure skies, or maybe it was the fact that we stayed just a 5 minutes walk away and had a hearty breakfast, I don't know about that but for all I know, I adored every little bit of Samcheong-dong. Even with a tourist hot spot just around the corner (the lovely but overcrowded Bukchon Hanok Village), Samcheong-dong is a lot less for the tourist but a lot more for the traveller. We were there on a refreshing Friday morning, and the only people there were some students and some locals walking unhurried to their next locations.  The streets a mixture of mom and pop shops, quaint stationery shops and bakeries, and the more charming dessert shops, all barely open.

The synopsis: I loved it so much that we went back on our last day in Seoul and we only made our Busan train by the narrowest of margins.


  1. Hi there, I love your pics! Just wondering, what filter do you usually use on VSCO? Your pics always have a very clean and calming feel and on some occasions, they give off a vintagey feel. Nice! :)

    1. Hi Cuishan, I don't usually use VSCO for my blog images, but for Instagram I love the filter HB1 :-)