Friday, September 19, 2014


I'm sick again, for the second time in two weeks. What a bummer, especially now that we're on a one week break. Well who am I kidding, I never had the plans to slack off this recess week anyway. In view of birthday celebrations, I've been heading out for the past few weekends and on one of those days we stumbled on this little beach. It was unplanned for none of us had known that the sea was just there, even though quite honestly I should have known, being the Google Maps navigator for the day and noting that our destination is right at the Northernmost tip of Singapore. It's a small but cozy place; the green foliage and the sea water were distanced only by a small sandy pathway. The view isn't much - basically we got a panoramic view of Malaysia's export harbour, but I loved the big rocks that were scattered along the short beach and so I took the liberty to go all Little Mermaid style and just enjoyed the sea breeze and the sea's ever calming effect atop one of the stones.

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