Friday, August 15, 2014


Everything is something to us; so quips the motto of Millimeter Milligram. As one of the many locally established stationery stores, MMMG prides itself over its attention to details, which is also cleverly reflected in even its name. Against their more gaudy competitors such as Artbox and Object, MMMG stands out for me because 1. Being virgo I am extremely pernickety (read: I am way too fussy about minor features), 2. I'll always love a store with great interior design and 3. MMMG is part store and part cafe.

Plus, the Itaewon store oversees an elevated view of the neighbouring residential district, where little houses were arranged haphazardly up along an incline. We were told by a friend that that particular area was the home of the less affluent and what came to mind was the strict juxtaposition of the energetic, flamboyant Itaewon and the quiet, modest surroundings.

MMMG has weekend markets held on the front porch from time to time and these events often attract an assembling of like-minded art creatives. If you're there, also be sure to visit the rooftop that offers the most picturesque, beautiful view of Seoul!

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