Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 1, HK

Many associate Hong Kong with good food, but no one has really gone behind the scenes - to the markets! On our first day there we had arrived early in the morning, with nothing else better to do than to explore the local markets. I used to tag along with Momma in my younger days to the market on Saturdays, but I soon got bored of the limited selection we had at our local market scene. In Hong Kong, of much more temperate climate than that of Singapore, the markets were heaven. There was a lot on offer, from fresh fish to more exotic ingredients like the tongues of pigs. For me, the vegetables were the best, being fresh, fragrant and firm - those 3Fs are essential for a good dish! It's no wonder the veggies there are especially tasty, given the crunchiness and freshness. 

Summer is officially here and today I finally got my drivers license. Hurray! X

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  1. Wow, that really looks amazing! Love the pics and definitely love the local markets :)