Saturday, May 3, 2014


Just a little more till summer officially rolls around - more precisely, it's less than a week till I shake off the chains of being a sophomore! I'm way excited for this vacation as it signifies a time of freedom and play, but as much as I would love to laze around on a plastic pool float, I haven't got a pool (nor the float) and neither have I got the time to spare... because I've been accepted to go on student exchange to UConn this time next year! Hurray!

I'd actually been hoping for a European destination and frankly I had actually forgotten listing UConn as a choice, but I think everything is meant to be and will eventually fit into place. After all, don't they say, "If it scares you, it's probably worth the experience"? 

Just a few more days to more frequent adventures.. see you then! X

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