Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 2, HK

After 2 trips and close to 7 years, we finally made it to Hong Kong's Ocean Park. Just a bus ride away from Admiralty station, it is much more convenient to get to as compared to Disneyland. Sure enough, it wasn't as magical as Disneyland but it sure was a charmer! We reached the top of the theme park by cable car, alongside and above the waters. We got fantastic views surrounding the place, as we soaked in the lovely and mildly chilly weather and got ready for the thrilling rides at the peak. The height above sea level also added some extra oomph to the experience, giving us even better and much scarier perspectives of the landscape they had to offer.

Ironically and as much as I loathe the idea of impounding animals into enclosures a great deal smaller than that of their natural habitats, I loved how there were animals at Ocean Park. Pandas, dolphins, an arctic fox, spotted seals, walruses... it was quite an experience to be able to see these beautiful creatures up close, an encounter that would be highly unlikely given natural circumstances. Isn't it quite a conundrum? Nevertheless, we ended the day really well, with the sunsetting along the coastline. X

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