Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Bite sized Halloween update: This year I went as a Frenchman following all my brilliant experiences as an explorer in France. We were a group of disordered trick or treaters, with a French stereotype, Wednesday Addams and a modern.. dark.. not sure what of fairy of sorts. While the trick or treaters were mostly of the undead or of royalty as opposed to the versatile costumes last year, we met the cutest kid in a furry (and I suppose very comfy) bear costume who was all too concerned about his candy. Also adorable was the deflating sumo. It's pretty cool how Halloween is slowly getting a place here in Singapore due to the many American expatriates and but of course, the God of Commercialism. 

A final French test is due in 2 days and after that I'll be off the hook!
Bises x

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