Friday, October 4, 2013


Recently I saw the Skechers's campaign which excited me more than anything else so I took a welcome  break off utter geekdom (i.e. never ending schoolwork) to come up with some outfit ideas for the new footwear from Skechers that are available in the stores in Singapore. I've always associated Skechers with Shape-ups since their popularity, so when I took a look at the online store I was pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer.

Before I start have a look at the promo video:

Here are the outfits:
 Isn't the Gratis Big Idea adorable? It's so sweet with it's light teal hues so I paired it up with some rose  gold elements for a sweet look. Honestly I've never really had the thought of pairing sporty looking sneakers with something unrelated to sports (although we did have the NB sneakers trend), but this sporty pair seems to seal the deal for me. + they would be so comfortable!
 I really like this pair - the Relaxed Fit Granola Baby, because I'm personally very fond of leather and sandals. One thing about sandals though, is that they often come with very hard and thin soles, but the Granola Baby is much unlike those. I do adore the name too (granola baby granola baby!) and it reminds me of Montpellier so very much!
 This is again the Relaxed Fit Granola Baby, just that this time it comes in black. Black, while being quite possibly the most versatile colour, reminds me of the wonderful gothic style. 
 This look's a quirky one - with the Daddy's Money Gimme Megabucks. The name alone is already quirky on its own, and its cheery tones made me smile a little. An ideal look for a road trip!
But of course, should we have a casual look! I love flats (despite not wearing any for years) and these Esteem Ballet Flats from the Tributes collection makes me yearn for flats again. I would think that flats go about with just about any outfit, and they're chic yet comfy.

Ok so that's all I have! If you'd please, head over the Skechers Singapore online or any of its 13 (soon to be 15!) concept stores island wide to find out more about their footwear! Bonne week-end everybody, XX

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