Monday, July 22, 2013


I love the road signs in the zoo! They are adorable

Omar the white tiger!

The baby pygmy hippo

Asian elephants; I finally learnt the difference between Asian and African ellies!

The most apparent distinction between African and Asian elephants - their ears!

 Otters sleeping in a huddle

More cuddling

Little baby rhino!

African animals have the loveliest prints

 A baby mouse deer 

 The cutest leopard cat snoozing


 Falabella love

Sleeping hippy

Snoozing chimps 

 King Julien!

Loving how ring-tailed lemurs are in the Fragile Forest - which means close contact!

 Ring-tailed lemurs huddling

Sleeping baby


 Love transcends all horsey and falabella boundaries

Being innately born an adorer of animals made the trip to the zoo a fantastic one, even though I'm not particularly fond of the forced confining. We visited at a good time, with babies introduced and many of my favourites living in the zoo. Sadly there has been plentiful changes since the last time I was there (about half a decade ago) and we saw no jaguars for they were to be part of the River Safari's new quartier. The apple of my eye is of course Inuka and my heart broke a little to see him alone, albeit having a new and upgraded enclosure. Also, Omar the white tiger paced up and down his enclosure all day and all I wished was that I could relieve him of his unneeded stress. One thing that puzzles me is why we choose to give names to some animals but not to others - the resident polar bear is named Inuka (Inuit for Silent Stalker), one of the white tigers Winnie, and an elephant Sang Raja, yet others like the zebras simply live without these labels. x

Edit: It turns out that I was wrong, all the animals do have names of their own, only that they aren't as publicised. We have a zebra named Betsy in the zoo!

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