Thursday, December 8, 2011


Despite my extremely cheapskate self I was truly happy that Jo got the Meritus Mandarin itself for us to stay in, not only 'cuz it was convenient but it was also very chic, I like pretty spaces. Prom was enjoyable to an extent, and the partial reason was becuz I won the 24th prize in the lucky draw, which could've been at least prize 6 if council hadn't changed the system of the lucky draw. Lucky Berenice got the 2nd prize though! Food was served in relatively small(1 prawn each!!!) portions though, but it was refreshing to see people dolled up instead of clad in our usual light blues. In the end hotel fun was the primary source of great joy that day, once we reached room 919 we just couldn't stop shouting and jumping on the bed. I miss my baby pillow from that very bed, its fluffiness and tenderness would be forever remembered. In 919 I also got flashed and witnessed an incredibly rare event of someone falling while standing in platforms. The place was scenic and the pool with an accompanying terrace upstairs was a great hangout place at 7 in the morning. After returning to our room at 3 in the morning we had Raspberry sparkling with T&J chips, which were a pretty awkward combination but they went well together. The only regret in that overnight stay was not to have brought the cam to Zouk. No, actually what happened within the club itself was what I wholeheartedly regretted, 'cuz I saw my r like a shining lighthouse in the dark, yet I let it go again. The one that got away? Crossing my fingers and hoping destiny/fate/life has more events regarding us in future.

What happened - or did not happen - at 1 in the morning is really striking a beat in my heart. Replaying scenes over and over again just so the memories won't fade. Need to see you soon, I saw your bud today! x

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