Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Pure freedom has finally set in. Yesterday we welcomed the baby of the group(not by size and mental health wise however) into the 18 club. I must admit that her reaction of "What the hell??" at the dental place was not what we expected though. Before we got her a salted caramel panna cotta, which she hurriedly ate after discovering it due to her greedy nature, we decided to half-dedicate a wishing sphere to her and keep the other half to ourselves and year 2012. Maybe it was the magic of the special birthday that made it possible for us to get to enjoy a whole jug of honey lemon instead of carbonated drinks due to human error, and perhaps it was the very same reason why Jo's La Sardina flash finally worked.

Will be working on my plans for the holidays, which will consist mostly of finding suitable employment. If I were to adopt economic terms, I would be going through a frictional unemployment crisis now! Another final Happy 18th to Bao, stay safe and smelly, Xx

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