Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Brooklynite

It's impossible to put Brooklyn into word form. With every turn of head, there's always something pleasant that meets the eye and with every blink of eye, there's someone pleasant that walks by. I like Williamsburg especially - it's hipster heaven, and I like hipsters. 

If you like food - like anyone still breathing - Smorgasburg will win you over. In the saddest turn of events, we were there on the wrong day so we missed out on the food fest. Can you see my tears falling? Note and remember in capital letters and bold font: Smorgasburg is on Saturday, Saturday, and only Saturdays! Since we were there on a Sunday, there was still the Brooklyn Flea to check out some blocks away. It's stocked with handmade furniture I badly wanted to furnish my home with, all sorts of knicknacks from everywhere, a cool melange of vintage clothing, photogenic storefronts and very few feasting options... but we had the best fries of my life there. There's no kidding here, I've been tasting them fries in all shapes and sizes for half a year in the states and nothing is close.

The foodie's tops in Williamsburg:

150 Ainslie St., Brooklyn
Be there early - it's a small space.  The set meal is well liked and its popularity well deserved.

77 N 6th St., Brooklyn
Like Okonomi, House of Small Wonder is petite and Japanese (influenced, anyway). The shop sits in amongst trees, adding to its charms. 

90 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn (Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea)
The most perfect hand cut fries. It doesn't get better than this!

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