Sunday, November 2, 2014


This year we made a last minute decision (as always) to go trick or treating, so when I chanced upon the Halloween guide for the extreme procrastinator (thanks Connie!) I took the opportunity, made my sister fashion a costume real quick on Hallow's Eve and by the next day I was ready. It was a simple yet ridiculously adorable outfit, which I got a lot of compliments from... from an Ursula, a fellow box-trapped Sadako and a teenage boy in cookie monster pyjamas. 

We didn't get any tricks the entire night; there weren't a lot of scary monsters unlike previous years. Instead, roaming the streets were troops of teenagers, either dressed identically in blood splattered white tees or not bothering with dressing up at all. On to what we did get as treats: 3 pieces of candy for 2 young adults (how are we to survive), and a whole night of running after 3 French-fry friends and 2 walking buckets of popcorn.

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