Monday, March 3, 2014


In celebration of the Momma's birthday, the bunch of us decided (rather last-minute) to head out to the homey W39 for a weekend brunch. It was a pity that Mama's favourite duck leg confit was unavailable for the day and that W39 indoors wasn't really the most photogenic (cue backlight and weak photographers), but we had a lovely time anyway. We went around the estate for a bit afterwards and found quite the perfect picture spot - amidst gigantic shrubs of bougainvilleas. A little thankful that the dry spell here has spared these beautiful plants, but meanwhile other plots of greenery throughout the island are shrivelling into dried, yellow sadness. It is still extremely hot around here and it's slated to get even more unbearable, but I'm glad we managed to seek out this gem of a maroon knitwear while in Hong Kong circa January.

Feeling an awful lots of thankfulness towards many lately (even the littlest things!), but most of all I'm really thankful for Momma today and everyday. Happy Birthday again, Ma!

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