Monday, February 24, 2014


Ah, at long last, the break beckons. Uni life is just like being on a speeding train which has faulty brakes, there just isn't any stopping to come. This recess week falls in the period when the brakes are finally starting to work, yet the train still continues charging ahead. What an analogy. After a plethora of mid-terms I caught the last few games for the Sochi games over the past week, and I now proudly conclude with my sport-geekiness that Ice Hockey has just topped the list of my favourite sports and that Teemu Selänne is just about the coolest Olympian ever. All hail Selänne! The Russian authorities also managed a great closing ceremony to the games after the slightly embarrassing opening, and I paraded about in the colours of the Russian flag in honour of Sochi.. not. It was really an unplanned coincidence, but I did adore being so chill about it (not sorry about the bad pun). Hasta la próxima! X