Tuesday, January 21, 2014


What I really adored about the sojourn in Hong Kong was honestly the 16°c weather. A (rather) far cry from Singapore's wet, humid and incredibly sunny climate, it was cooling but chilly whenever the wind blowed. I took to the streets in short skirts most of the time, enjoying every bit of cold air I felt because I knew for certain that I would miss the cold once I return to homeland. On one of our last days there, I was approached by a lady who told me that not only would I freeze my butt off in the 13°c days to come, I would also suffer from joint pains at an older age. I'm not sure if she's a mystical old sage or just an overly concerned dame (I'm pretty sure I saw her turn at the corner down the street!) but I felt some stiffness in my knees the moment she left. Thank goodness we were back in Singapore before the temperature dipped down further!

It's mid week so hurray to everyone who has survived half of their week! X

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