Wednesday, January 29, 2014


One of Hong Kong's most charming feature is the presence of street markets at almost every corner. Little stalls are packed with almost everything you need in all sorts of colours and sizes and should you not find that sufficient enough, you have a whole street worth of goods to choose from! At Shanghai street you can unearth kitchenware of sorts, at the deeper end of Tong Choi Street you can find dozens of baby animals ready to go home with you (we met a baby beagle that we really wanted to bring home!), at the tourists' favourite Ladies Street you can come across just about anything from phone covers to shoes to very freaky paintings of a laughing Chinese man. If you want to get ready for Halloween's, head over to Pottinger Street at Central for your daily dose of fake butts, onesies and just about all the costumes available on our planet. One of the final photo shoots from the premier season of Asia's Next Top Model took place higher up along Pottinger Street as well, if you need any extra reassurance of the beauty of the place. See you there! x

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