Sunday, December 22, 2013


¡Hola! The Tiong Bahru estate is one of the liveliest neighbourhood of late, despite being one of the oldest districts in Singapore with the ironic name that means "new cemetery". With European styled public houses dotting the streets, there is a lovely small town feel that permeates, accompanied Originally housing many older folks, the area is now joined by design agencies and new cafes, inviting more youngsters to visit this special place. What I love about Tiong Bahru is that there is everything I need right here - good food, charming little shops, a sense of closer neighbourliness and a French bookshop right outside. The last I've heard of proper French (slowed versions of French in school are different) was half a year ago but the genial shopkeeper made me feel just like I was back in France again. I was actually in the estate for a short work stint and my summary for the night is that I truly am the burger princess, for having had the best burger sales of the night. Christmas is swiftly arriving in just 3 days and the year's end is right around the corner. Don't years go by too quickly? X

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