Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A year through Instagram

Top: Sunny blues and scenes of Malacca starting the year in unreal pastel hues.
Middle: Best buddies hanging out and beautiful store lightings that remind me so of constellations.
Bottom: The 3 days of the Lunar New Year.
 Top: Trip to Genting Highlands with my high school girls and coming home to my baby after a very long, uncomfortable and tiring bus ride back from Genting because our coach broke down.
Middle: Supper nights while staying in hall that were on an almost daily basis and a beautiful sunset on the way home.
Bottom: Exploring new territories, #catstagram and another beautiful sunset.
 Top: A short visit to Johor with the folks (I took a video: here)
Middle: Summer staples, by which I mean I ate pasta almost everyday during my summer holidays and our mother's day flowers.
Bottom: Staycation at Marina Bay Sands in the middle of the worst haze ever in Singapore. We would've loved to pretend we were living in clouds but the air condition was way too bad.
 Definitely the best and most fun-packed memories of my year: South of France!

Top: Views from Institut Éuropéen where we studied and the gorgeous port at Marseille where I first encountered heaven!
Middle: Fond memories of flowers, animals and food, which really made my sojourn a lot better after my worst nightmare came true - my camera broke down on my 3rd day in France.
Bottom: A Montpellier influenced cuisine craze - French toast, tarte aux citrons and tartines! Also accompanied with my French donkey, my Marseille lobster picks and a book about Fredrik respectively. Fredrik is a close spelling to someone I really adored in France, hee!
 Top: Adventures around Singapore in summer when I became a tourist in my homeland, visiting the Universal Studios for the very first time and making solid friends with Elmo and hugging Inuka the polar bear.
Middle: September birthday celebrations! 
Bottom: An extended birthday celebration because one can never have too many celebrations.. (winks)

Left: A very French breakfast; cue croissants, camembert and tea!
Middle: Setting up the Christmas tree
Right: A celebratory cake to end the year

In all honesty, 2013 does not make it to my lists of top favourite years. While the best experience in my 2 decades of existence has been lived through this year (ah, Montpellier, je t'aime!) and I have actually had numerous chances to go around exploring, late into the year there were several situations that refused 2013 from getting into my good books. I must admit that I succumbed to these bad situations and did not manage them in the best possible way, but I'm glad to say that I'm learning.

I guess I've always been the 'the grass is greener on the other side' kinda gal and I can't wait to go abroad again. After all, I'm happiest over oceans. XX

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