Tuesday, July 16, 2013

#themeparkexplorers 2

Gingy lovin'

King Julien you qt!

Bibbidi bobbidi

Shy elms

Big hug, Grover!

The Sesame Street kids rocking some real good dance moves

Ernie vs lil kid

Big summer hug!

Grover, mon ami

Instant gratification

Big furry hug from Alex!

Part 2 of our theme park adventures: The best way to have fun is to always carry a tourist's disposition everywhere - which is why we had front row seats for Sesame Street's New York Street show amongst little kids and their accompanying, disapproving parents. I guess Universal Studios here is really more of something one should just race through in a day (with the previously mentioned "grab all you can" mentality), because for the small size and disproportional price I would most definitely not return. But t'was a lovely day spent. x

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