Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lookout Point

If all roads lead to rome, all city tower views give you the same bang for the buck. Your first tower gives you the most value for money - it's your first time up high towering over the city you're in, you feel giddy with excitement. Your second tower reminds you of that wonderful time you had the first time round, you enjoy yourself. Three, four, five towers in, you start to get bored of the similar views, even though you're in different cities.

I've been to Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, I've been to the Tokyo Tower, I've been to Namsan Tower in Seoul to name a few cities. Every city is clearly distinct, but when you're up there, everywhere feels the same. I wasn't that thrilled to be going up another tower in NYC, just to see something I've seen everywhere else. There are 2 main buildings where you get to do this - the Empire State Building (which I learnt from Ted from HIMYM) and the Top of the Rock. We went with the Top of the Rock - it was cheaper, and we could see the Empire State Building by not being on the building's deck.

I was completely overwhelmed when we got up to the top. You're packed into lines and into elevators like fishes in sardine cans, but when you're up there, the crowd doesn't matter anymore. We planned well before going - we made sure to hit the tower about 6 in the evening, so we could catch New York City in the day and as it transits into night time, all while just holding one ticket in hand. There's the sun and stars ticket offered by the TotR, but this was a much better choice as you'll get to save some cash (for more shopping or eats!) while overlooking NYC as the golden hour passes. 

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