Monday, December 15, 2014

Carpenter & Cook

Sometimes I do like to take buses; long journeys in a just-right celsius offer a great time to people-watch while getting to your destination. At other times, I'm thankful to have gotten off my lazy ass to earn my driver's license midway through the year. Can you imagine taking a train, changing to a bus, then walking through blocks and blocks only to find that the café you're heading to is actually not open? Just a heads up here for the interested - Necessary Provisions will be closed till the 23rd of the month.

With no other cafés in mind to spend the afternoon, we opted to go to the nearby Carpenter & Cook, an old favourite along Lorong Kilat. I like to think that C&C is a great name; it embodies the specialties of the café that prestiges itself over its furnishings and its food. The pastries and quiches are delish and the place is off the wall and full of quirky furniture, which may be purchased if it catches your eye.

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