Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Time

Hi honey, I'm home! Two weeks in Seoul have sped past in a snap of fingers and now I'm back in Singapore again, drenching in sweat in a sweltering summer. It's been an absolute chore to organise the 16GB worth of photographs; a task I have been putting off for the longest time because 1. It brings back nostalgia for the sublime adventure 2. I am still trying to catch up on all the sleep I lost from the hustle and bustle of the vacation.

In other news, Seoul has been wonderful and unreservedly picturesque, with the best local food to boost. Then again, I'm easily one of the most flexible food lovers around; I love it all, so I'm probably not the best judge on this, but if barbecued meat wrapped in greens floats your boat and the thought of melted cheese on slightly burnt rice makes you drool then you're already on track to becoming paramour of Korean fare!

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