Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mom Jeans

Vintage Guess jeans

I've never been much of a stickler for jeans, and having long denim pants over the legs was never thought to be in my genes. I guess much of the reluctance to don them jeans, or any other long pants in general, has its origins in the sultry Singaporean weather that drenches everyone in unbelievable amounts of sticky sweat. I used to get a brand new pair once every 3 years and end up stuffing them somewhere deep inside the closet with the bare minimum of virgin wear-outs, but in the middle of our recent shift I found Mom's old jeans that Pops got her on a business trip decades ago and thought, why not just try 'em on? Turns out they were the perfect fit: not too short and not too tight. It's no wonder why some people adore vintage; it's just so full of surprises! x

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