Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Of late, I've been revisiting an old leisure of pleasure reading as slow days pass me by. Ever since I've been in college reading has been all about academia relevancy because after all the compulsory readings it's KO for me, so when I was posed a question regarding my favourite book during one of our French classes, I was caught speechless. It was a rather awkward situation to have nothing to respond with, even when I had just finished rereading The Five People You Meet In Heaven (one of my favourites!) just a few days back. My proclaimed favourite book of all time is The Lovely Bones, supposedly for its melancholy, but truthfully I haven't got a clue why I prefer some books to others.

I guess some things in life require no answers; I love the beach, I love swimming, I love puppies, I love speaking in random tongues in the most inappropriate situations... the list goes on and I have no explanations. Perhaps I never wanted any explanations, maybe this is my joie de vivre.

Another joie de vivre: discovering new, surprising places for photos! We stumbled upon this little hideout after visiting a design show. Happy Tuesday to all and sundry; I'm off for more exploring! X

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