Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello! So says my sweatshirt, just that my hair has it covered. It was pretty chilly today after the sudden torrent of rain so I took the opportunity to finally break out my cute as hell Monki sweatshirt. I'm in love with Monki; their stuff are the most quirky, the cutest and the most comfortable. Vive le Monki! I only wish they would operate somewhere closer to Singapore and rather recently I've heard that they will be having a branch over at neighbour Malaysia soon, so I'm a little too excited, whoopee!

The past week has been one laden with distractions; I've just joined the QuizUp community and I've been beaten most dreadfully over and over again in the topic of Linguistics.. so much for being a linguist! Also, guess what time it is currently.. it's supper time! I'm off to slurp some noodles, so toodles! X

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  1. Super cool outfit
    and very nice pics
    good post