Sunday, January 13, 2013

Part l

  Part 1 of our January adventures. We had set our minds on exploring Singapore's Little India prior to our journey there, but our stomaches decided they wanted something different, so after traipsing through the little streets saturated with so much colour and the smell of spices and flowers, we finally settled for a restaurant that caught our eyes - The Jungle Tandoor. Frankly we were actually on the search for a cheap buffet we got to know about from a flyer, but The Jungle Tandoor simply stood out from a street away. 2 years back when I travelled to lovely Bangalore for a very fun student exchange we had also visited a jungle themed Indian restaurant, so I was really excited when greeted by a server all dressed up in a park ranger outfit. Moments later, we were seated in a dark but well furnished room, with animals, trees and jungle men. It was a bit of a pity that the place was badly lit with only occasional hints of light streaming in whenever the door to the restaurant was opened to let patrons in/out.

  After the meal we got a little tired and distracted by some of the stores lining the main road of Little India. We tried on jeans that were only going for a dollar but they were either unflatteringly huge or too small, but after that we got some funky aviator style shades for less than 2 dollars. We then tested some really cute suede sandals which we never got, and when we reached the famous Mustafa Center, all we got was a bottle of water for half a dollar.

  I am missing those cute little sandals already, maybe we should have gotten them after all... X

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