Saturday, December 8, 2012

Panorama @ S.A.M

  The other day I visited the arts museum with my lovely soeur. The day was rainy and we had a very frightful meal @ Wendy's, but the exhibitions were interesting and made up for the otherwise lacklustre day. My favourite work was Kedsuda Loogthong's Letters from Songkla. Her watercolour paintings were wonderful and I loved the embroidered letters to the very bits of my heart. Each Thai alphabet was painstakingly stitched with pastel thread onto the linen. I'm a wee excited right now because Kedsuda Loogthong will be coming for Art Stage Singapore next month and I can't wait!

  I've missed this space so much it feels really good to be back after so long. Bazillions have happened over the course of mere months, and whether good or bad I'm glad I've had the good experience of interning at 3 months at the most boring office space ever, of waitressing for a bit of a month, of zombifying myself by attending 7 camps within 2 months and making some very good friends meanwhile. University has been well and j'adore French classes the very most. Time has slipped past and the end of the world is postulated to arrive in 13 days. I'm pretty sure nothing of that much of a catastrophic scale will be so easily predicted though! X

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