Thursday, December 13, 2012


  The deuxième trip to my favourite cafe. En route there we had joyful squabbles and saw pretty flowers outside a home in the midst of rows of beautiful white buildings. Thankfully the daily downpour didn't begin till we had enjoyed a teeny bit of the scenery and were safely under shelter. One thing I really love about this place is the decent pricing for really good food. It was a little sad to leave without exploring the area but there were other appointments and the monsoonal rain was peppering down on everyone out in the streets. 

  Today on the train ride home I came across this little genius of a kid. About 12 years of age and he already knows more local politicians than I, and I watched as he happily devoured pages of the newspaper, with the exception of commercial ads. 

  And on the very same day today I had taken the wrong bus which resulted in a redundant loop around 2 train stations, and had quite mindlessly walked through the rain (albeit with an umbrella my sandals still got soaked with mud so I wasn't too happy) to my next appointment. x

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