Thursday, November 24, 2011


Mindlessly cruising the streets of Orchard yesterday proved to be purposeful, in a way. Walking without a sense of exactly what to do, squealing at the whimsical trees dotting the roads, trying out party clothing and shoes. I truly loved climbing up the glorious golden tree outside Ion. Coincidentally a quartet, we got to enjoy the beautiful inner decorations and a view 10 feet up that paled in comparison. From atop the tree one can see the elephants and snowglobes just a few metres away. With toy trains and white reindeers, who could ask for more, for our special magical time of the year? Meanwhile the elephants are part of the ElephantParade movement, and it is pretty interesting to see them infront of the playful circus elephants in Lv's storefront. After several long hours of window-shopping, we settled at Coffee Bean for some yogurt, a treat of courtesy by Joey. I think the notion of a coffee store selling frozen yogurt is pretty wacky, but from specialisation to diversification, I would say that Coffee Bean has done well.

Sitting at home doing nothing but lusting over unattainable goods and constantly changing the channels via the tv remote is killing me. I need to get out to walk about and get a job soon. X

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